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Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market

From the Executive Director:

October 2023

As a valued supporter of Prairieland Market, I wanted you to be among the first that I share some exciting news. Plans are moving forward – quickly – for the new store and in anticipation of the new ways we will be able to serve the community with greater access to local, healthy foods, we have developed a new brand that better signifies what we are in the community.


This new brand incorporates an earthy sage green and beet red that give it energy and life. The beetroot shape doubles as a heart, relating to heart-healthy food and our love for the community that is deeply-rooted. 

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 We also thought it was important to remind the community that, although we have only been a 501c3 organization for two years, we have been here for 45 years! You will start seeing this new brand on our printed materials, website, digital and social media, and of course on the new store!

Thank you for being part of this new venture and we look forward to sharing more with you in the future on the store status, educational opportunities, and ways that you can support us in our mission moving forward.

To encourage healthy food choices, provide nutritional food education, and access to

local, organic, and craft foods, in order to promote enhanced well-being for the community.

Home Grown Vegetables


Giving to Prairieland Market helps connect your community to local, fresh food, supports your local farmer,

and makes educational opportunities available to all.

Donations* support:

Renovation, new equipment, and supplies for the new expanded Market 

Market staff salary and benefits

Our prepared foods team

Area farmers, ranchers, and craftsmen

Overhead and utilities

Educational programs, events, and community activities


We encourage our patrons to become supporters with a one-time, monthly, or yearly contribution. Doing so supports Prairieland, our farmers and vendors, and our mission to connect our community to local, fresh foods. 

To make a donation, print the donation form below and mail along with your check or if you'd like to donate through PayPal there is a link below.

* All donations over $25 will continue to be considered members of Prairieland Food Co-op.

If you would like to make special arrangements, or discuss your gift, please feel free to

contact Vickee Spicer at (785) 820-1369 or email

Support Us: Welcome


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