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Making Meals Easy, Healthy, and Tasty from the "Taste Buds" team


Prairieland Market's "Taste Buds" prepare healthy, lunch and dinner-ready meals and snacks fresh each week. Items include Lasagna, Quiche, Burritos, Soups and Stews, Hummus, Salads, and More! Scroll down for this week's selection or check the freezer section for previous week's items. Call for catering requests: 785-827-5877

Food Service


Roasted Vegetable or Classic Beef

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September 26 - September 30


White Chicken Chili - NEW!

$6.89 / pint (SOLD OUT!)

$13.39 / quart (SOLD OUT!)

Ingredients: Local chicken, hominy (corn), local onion, Herdez salsa verde, chicken Better than Bouillion*, cilantro*, garlic*, cumin*, coriander*, flour*, salt, black pepper*


Poblano hominy chicken.jpg

Poblano Hominy Chili - NEW!

$5.39 / pint (SOLD OUT!)

$10.19 / quart

Ingredients: Hominy (corn), local onion, Poblano peppers, Herdez salsa verde, vegetable Better than Bouillion*, vegetable oil, cilantro*, garlic*, cumin*, coriander*, flour*, salt, black pepper*


Vegetable Tart.jpg

Sausage Breakfast Burrito

$27.99 each

Ingredients: Local eggplant, local zucchini, local mushrooms, local red onion, red/orange bell peppers*, bleu cheese, cream cheese*, parmesan, local eggs, flour*, butter*, olive oil*, salt, pepper*



Creamy Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup

$9.19 / pint

$18.19 / quart

Ingredients: Local oyster and lion's mane mushrooms, portabella mushrooms*, wild rice*, cream*, butter*, onions, carrots*, celery*, garlic*, flour*, lemon juice*, herbs*, salt, pepper*


Zucchini White Bean Salad.jpg

Zucchini White Bean Salad - NEW!

$6.49 / pint (SOLD OUT!)

$12.49 / quart

Ingredients: : local zucchini, cannellini beans*, local mint, local basil, parsley*, local red onion, olive oil*, salt, red pepper flakes*


sausage burrito.jpg

Sausage Breakfast Burrito

$5.49 / each

Ingredients: Whole wheat tortilla*, local eggs, local zesty breakfast sausage, local cheddar, salt, black pepper*



Kale Breakfast Burrito

$5.39 each

Ingredients: : Whole wheat tortilla*, local eggs, local kale,  local cheddar, green onion*, salt, pepper*


curried carrot hummus.jpg

Curried Carrot Hummus

$4.99 / 8 oz

Ingredients: : Chickpeas*, local carrots, olive oil*, tahini*, garlic*, lemon juice*, curry powder*, sriracha*, salt


Seedy Berry Muffins.jpg

Seedy Berry Muffins

$5.49 / 4-pack

Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds*, sunflower seeds*, flax meal*, sugar*, maple syrup, flour*, whole wheat flour*, coconut oil*, vanilla*, cinnamon*, applesauce*, blueberries*, local aronia berries, poppy seeds


Party Mix.jpg

Party Mix

$3.49 / bag

Ingredients: Toasted oats cereal*, Wheat Chex, multigrain square cereal, pretzels, peanuts, butter*, Worcestershire sauce, seasonings, salt


Have you ever wanted to know what goes into the amazing foods we prepare each week? Have a few hours you could volunteer to chop, prepare, cook, bake, or even package?

Prairieland is looking for folks who could lend a hand on our Monday cooking days.

Volunteers sign up for specific shifts - so you can choose which dates, hours, and tasks you would like to share your time. Not comfortable cooking? No problem, we need help with chopping and preparing ingredients, packaging, and even doing dishes!

To find out more,
call (785) 827-5877 or email and ask for Barb.

PLUS: Volunteers have access to our wonderful recipes!


Lemon Energy Bites

$4 / 4-pack (SOLD OUT!)

Ingredients: Rolled oats*, dried apricots*, cashew butter*, coconut*, lemon juice and zest*, coconut oil*, salt


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